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"Matchmaker" is a humorous, quirky documentary about the search for love. Two young American filmmakers, Seth Camillo and Dustin Morrow, journey to the world’s largest singles event, the Matchmaking Festival.

Every September, in the picturesque, rural Irish village of Lisdoonvarna (pop. 800), fifty thousand singles converge in the hope of meeting their matches. Willie Daly, a third-generation full-time matchmaker, pairs people up amidst a background of music, dance, drink, and partying in the streets.

The filmmakers bring their own irreverent sense of humor to their exploration of such themes as hope and heartbreak, true love and “settling,” companionship and “the perfect match.” They interview people from ages fifteen to ninety, and pursue their own romantic futures as they hire Willie to fix them up. They film all of their interactions with the women they meet, and even shoot the dates on which the matchmaker sends them.

The movie is a portrait of Ireland, of the village and its eccentric inhabitants, of the festival and the people who travel to it in search of love. And it is the moving personal journey of two young men from America, who learn valuable lessons in love and heartbreak.

About the film

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